Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yeah, Whatever.

So I was in a "mash-up" show last week...

I did the top half. BIG SURPRISE it's a dodo-head. But bat-wings are new from me, and enjoyable. They'll appear again, trust me.

The bottom half of tentacles was created by the lovely Ariane:

That's her growling along with her snake kokeshi doll - I assembled some wooden kokeshi dolls, and rad artist-peeps painted them:

I half-painted one, but my painting skills aren't up to my strict standards, so it is hiding out right now until I complete Painting I this semester. I am my own worst critic...

Anywho, every work of art had to be worked on by more than one artist...

That's me, looking nervous and pathetic next to another of our mash-up creatures:

This time Ariane did the top half, and I added the bottom.

Speaking of bottoms, could my ass be any saggier in these pants??

Um, wear a belt, bitch. That is NOT acceptable!

I still like how the back of my hair looks, though.

Swoooping into the gallery...

This was my favorite piece in the show... I dunno who it's by, but I likes the bunny. Way-ridiculously cool. It was also the only already-sold piece in the show when I got there; go figure.

In other news, I love the fact that I now have an excuse to buy Yo Gabba Gabba toys - for my 'baby':

Tallulah likes to show Muno who is boss.

And that Foofa in the background shakes violently and sings when you bang her on the ground.

God I love her face! I want to own a chihuahua farm... be a chihuahua rancher.

Lucky is currently in love with the sheepskin I bought at Ikea:

Normally he's all about giving you the belly massage, but lately it's just makin' sweet love to the dead sheep carcass...


Jennylynn said...

YAAAAAYYYY BLOGGGG! I love your hair too, and I specially am DIGGGGING your bag. (surprise)
Glad the show went well-woot woot! We MOST definitely hafta compare schedules!!!

Butchie said...

Where did you get Yo Gabba Gabba toys?

Butchie said...

Thank you, my daughter LOVES that show. I do too, actually.

E Flo said...

OMG! Your dog is adorable!