Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Latest Of My Creative Compulsions...

Just had an amazing time at work today... I started working in the art department at school, which has me MANIACALLY BUSY because I'm still taking a full courseload, but my job does come with perks; today I was helping out in the 'Intro to Studio Art' class, and they were making clay masks. Since I am well versed in clay, I not only helped, but I got to make a quick little mask, too:

Devil Mask

I'm pretty pleased with how it's looking... I still love the Venetian masks that aren't glittery and overdone... I like the dramatic, emotional masks - I was going for that look.

Here are a few bits from painting class -
NAKED MAN! (Painted in white/black only):

Naked Man

Exciting things like red bell pepper on green cloth:

Red Bell Pepper painting

This was just screwing around with a pallet knife:

Playing with a pallet knife

And the ever-present COLOR WHEEL, the staple of every art class (along with all of the still lifes - eat your veggies!)

Anudder Color Wheel

If you want insight to what Valency is made of, just look at the things I unconsciously choose as my subjects when given any freedom:

Naked Man & Devil Mask

NEKKID MEN AND SATAN?? Hmmmm... Who is this girl?

Me & The Devil


Kathryn said...

you make me wanna create some art.

R2K said...

You make great work.