Tuesday, November 01, 2011

On An Artist's High...

So it's only be two full days that my exhibition has been open, and I already have over 20 pieces sold! It's really overwhelming... The response from the faculty has been beyond anything that I could expect; one professor (who shall remain unnamed) said that "this show is an example of our BFA students showing the MFA students how it should be done."

And he said that in front of his whole class.

About me. MY work!

Having total strangers come up to you like you're some sort of rockstar does make me happy-giddy. There seems to be quite a good buzz going - I stopped by the gallery after class today to red-dot a few more pieces, and a girl walked up to me and said "You're the artist, aren't you? My friends told me to come see your work, and I was all, like, whatever, but WOW, I love your work!"

I'm keeping my ego in check, don't worry :)

I've already given presentations to two art studio classes about my work, which was actually really good for me because it gets me revved up for my artist's talk on Friday.



I am so goofy-happy right now, it's ridiculous.

I just finished my Thesis paper, so now I get to make my house sparkly clean and ready for my sis, then make some delish food for my opening!

Would it be too silly if I made my famous deviled eggs and labeled them 'dodo eggs?'

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