Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Lucky's Shopping Recommendation...

Like many cats, Lucky loves plants. And cut flowers. And anything he can chomp on.

It drives me nuts when he eats greens, as I have no clue if he's chewing on something poisonous or not! Lucky is truly a nutjob, though, because he also likes to eat pepperoni pizza, maple bars, any form of barbecued meat, and cheese popcorn.

I had purchase a little pet grass plant at Petsmart in November - it was great and it lasted about 2 months, but it was kind of pricey (about $6) and small.

Searching around Amazon for an alternative, I found the
Catit Design Senses Grass Garden Kit - I paid about $11 for it, got it in the mail and I put it together a little over a week ago.

Here is how it looks today:

So LUSH! And I think somebody is in love with it.

Tallulah likes to nibble on it too, so I'm getting really great use out of it.

That is, when I can get it away from Lucky...

Well worth the money, and you can get refills super cheap... Although it's just grass seeds and vermiculite - I should be able to purchase it even cheaper in bulk.

Even Shane loves it - I think he'd like pots of this scattered all over the house... It's what happens when you live in the mostly-grass-free-high-altitude desert. You NEED some beautiful green grass!

I have another show coming up very very soon - more about that tomorrow :)

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